Friday, October 19, 2012

20 foods to say Yes to

Water facts:
Our bodies are more then 70% water
Our brain is made up of 75% water
Our muscles are 75% water
Our blood is 92% water

We can only live for about 1 week without water, but we could go a month or so without food.

Drinking alcohol often leads to a headache ( the hangover) this is caused because the alcohol dehydrates the water that is needed in the brain. {another good reason not to drink in excess}

So, if we're interested in obtaining maximum health I'd say that staying hydrated should be at the top of our list.

Here are 20 foods that are made up of 90% water, so eat up!

1, cantelope
2, grapefruits
3, strawberries
4, watermelons
5, cranberries
6, oranges
7, peaches
8, raspberries
9, broccoli
10, cabbage
11, cauliflower
12, celery
13, cucumber
14, eggplant
15, iceberg lettuce
16, sweet peppers
17, radishes
18, spinach
19, zucchini
20, tomatoes

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  1. I think cranberries, eggplant and iceberg lettuce are the only ones on this list we don't eat on a regular basis now. Robert is doing WW with me and is the slimmest he's been in years and years! We are eating so healthy now...and a lot of focus is on the foods in this list. Thanks for sharing Sharon!