Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY gifts (not fudge)

If you're like me, and so many of you are when it comes to this, you enjoy giving a gift to friends and neighbors this time of year. Well in my never ending attempt to make healthy decisions and keep temptations out of easy reach, I spent a bit of time on Pinterest for alternative ideas to cookies, fudge and pies. I believe that anyone of these choices would be enjoyed by the receiver and they may even be delighted that it's not another box of baked goods. 

Top left is a clear ornament filled with pearls
Top center is a microwave popcorn bag cover
Top right are painted blocks

Middle left mitt stuffed with baking utensils
Middle center spices / rubs
Middle right painted 2x's

Lower left Snowmen magnetic strips
Lower center Lemon Vodka
Lower right clear ornaments with acrylic paint dripped inside

Once again, I'll be choosing one of these for a DIY gift. I'd love to hear any of your alternative gift ideas.

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