Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flu Shot,

You can probably guess from the title that I'm getting over the flu. First time in a decade or so. It has been no fun!  This brings up the issue of the flu shot. I've never had one and I tend to be that person that goes to the doctor as a last resort. My solution to most everything is drink lots of water (to flush out any bad guys) eat well, get plenty of sleep and take a few vitamins.  I should mention that I'm in Alaska for the winter this year, a far cry from the Arizona winters that I'm used to. I'm living with my daughter and her family ( I'm here to help out with grand baby) and Kevin, my son in law is a 1st grade teacher, so no doubt, these changes could have something to do with my getting the flu. 

I've done a little google search on the net and there are pro's and con's for this shot. One doctor has posted his opinion and here's a short portion of it.

Why the big vaccine push? "It's all about money," he says. "Vaccines are a pharmaceutical company's dream. Pharmaceutical companies have a product that both the government and the media will help them sell, and since vaccines are protected, they can't be sued if anyone has a complication. If hundreds of millions of people get a shot and a million get serious complications, no one can get sued. Vaccines are a pharmaceutical company's dream."
Read more: Dr. Russell Blaylock Warns: Don't Get the Flu Shot — It Promotes Alzheimer's 

I am a believer of the 'evils' of the pharmaceutical companies, and I try to first work on natural remadies as much as possible. I do think as a whole, we've gotten a bit vaccine crazy. My kids had far less vaccines then is recommended today. 

So what have been your experiences with the flu vaccine? If you have any good tips to prevent the flu I'd love to hear about those too. 

Well I'm gonna wrap up in my blankie with my cup of chicken soup and watch the Hallmark channel all day. Right now they're playing 'The Case for Christmas' Dean Cain is in it and really who doesn't like watching him.

Have a warm and comfy day.


  1. I'm sticking with no on the shot. Should I discuss my turkey conspiracy? Ha!

  2. I have worked "full contact" in an emergency room for 17 years, in the heat of 4 huge/big baddie flu seasons which shut down the entire southern california region and have never gotten the flu...and never gotten a flu shot. I do recommend that if you have a severely compromised immunity system, are over 80, or have someone living in your home with a compromised system, then you should consider it. Otherwise I grew in the home of a chemical pharmacist who believed living a healthy lifestyle and letting the body take care of itself as a young person, you will not need vaccinations or immunizations as an older adult. If you do have the flu, your body is now developing the antibodies to be stronger next year...if you get the shots...this doesn't happen, I believe it weakens the system. if you do choose to get a vaccine absolutely stay away from the "nose drops" get the shot. hops this helps. also, keep half a onion sliced near your does help. also here is my diddy on Onions helping control flu germs. sending get well vibes your way. M