Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland (already)

I'm living in a Winter Wonderland and it's not even Thanksgiving. The winter snow is officially here and it will remain and increase until May. Oh my this will be my first winter in Kenai Alaska, and as a gal who's spent her baby boomer years in Washington State and Arizona the white streets, lawns and trees along with the sub zero temperatures will be an adjustment. Now on the flip side, I'm pretty excited for the new adventures that await me. Right off the bat I've been able to check off one more item on the old bucket list. This time it's:

Ice Skate on a Frozen Lake
Ice Skidding
Me and my Honey

Just the other day, before all the snow fell, Mackey Lake was well frozen and we used this opportunity to skate/skid across the lake, something I've always wanted to do. I do need to be specific here and confess that no actual skates were involved, but I did put on some pretty slippery shoes and skidded across the lake. I'm thinking that still counts.

                                    This is a photo taken just a couple short weeks ago.

And now it looks like this!?!?!?
Anyone else with ice skating on their bucket list? I'd love to hear about it.


  1.'s probably been 25 or more years since I strapped on some ice skates! Although I would love to try again...not sure my arthritis ridden knees would like it! Sounds like so much fun though!

  2. Had a chance to spend another day at the lake, this time I got to drive the snow mobile across it. What fun!

  3. This is stunning how you have contrived to totally unfold the theme that you have selected for this exact entry. BTW did you turn to some similar blog posts as a source of ideas to complete the entire picture that you revealed in your entry?