Friday, November 30, 2012

Michelle's Story

 I'd like to introduce Michelle, (not quite a baby boomer but a grandma to 10) a woman who is overcoming and working toward fit and healthy. I hope her story will encourage you as it has me. Enjoy.
My name is Michelle, I am 49 years old and this year, 2012, I knew I needed a dramatic change in my life! On January 2nd, I was sitting in the living room with my husband and I was looking at all the pictures I had downloaded over the holiday season. All of a sudden I realized there was not one picture of me with my Grandchildren….I was too embarrassed to have my picture taken as I had gained so much weight, especially over the previous year. I turned to my husband weeping and told him I needed to do something and I joined Weight Watchers on line that very hour. I have struggled with my weight since I was about 12 years old. I have been up and down all of my adult life. This time I was only 5 pounds shy of my all-time high. So….what will make this time different? I realize that taking this weight off is really a very small piece of the puzzle. It really has to be about getting healthy and fit and making this my lifestyle….maintaining the weight loss is always the biggest challenge!
My husband decided to follow the program with me and has lost over 40 lbs at this point. We decided it was time to get healthy together! We started walking and biking and have started to have a “we need to move more” mentality. We also realized that portion control is a huge thing for us…this is the main key in our success with Weight Watchers. I think most people who struggle with any weight issues realize that the key is eat less and move more. Weight Watchers just gives us a good starting point with that and I like the accountability factor with tracking my food and having a consistent weigh in day. So….here are some differences in my life since Jan 2/12: 1. I hated having to get dressed to go out (I had only 3 or 4 tunic tops and a couple of pairs of leggings) I felt huge and heavy. NOW I find any excuse to get dressed…I have such a fun wardrobe! I feel so good inside and out! 2. I was a size 2X in tops and a 20 in pants. NOW I am down to a size L in tops and a 14 jean! 3. I hardly moved off my couch. NOW I am a much more active person. I try and do a structured workout 5 times per week and I have a new retail job that keeps me moving the whole time I’m at work. 4. Was dealing with some major back issues and breathing at night was getting to be an issue. NOW through some strength training and muscle development, my back issues are minimal. I still have to be careful, but am in much less pain then before. I can breathe at night (and my husband’s snoring has dramatically lessened with his weight loss too! GOOD bonus :) 5. I was unhappy and miserable NOW I am happy, full of joy and much more positive. I feel like I don’t stick out like a sore thumb anymore! It has been 10 ½ months and I am 2/3 of the way to my goal. I just passed the 50 lbs off mark and it is my goal to be at or very close to my target weight by my 50th birthday in May of 2013. A huge motivation for me is my beautiful grandchildren. We have 9 with #10 due in Feb. of 2013. We want to be here and healthy for these amazing children. We want to be a vital part of their lives in every way, physically, spiritually and emotionally. And we want to be able to set good examples for them and help them to develop good and healthy habits in their lives. I will have to always take one day at a time in this area of my life. I know how easy it could be for me to slip back in to bad eating habits and to fall back in to my lazy couch potato ways. But I pray the Lord help me each day and by faith, I will live a healthy life. It helps that my husband and I will encourage each other…to be on the same page will help us dramatically. WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! This life is good! God is good! Healthy eating is good! Moving my body is soooooo good! 50th birthday….here I come!!!

If Michelle's story inspired you would you be willing to jump start your New Years Resolution and begin December 1st. I mean really, how many NYR are there gonna be that begin with eat less, exercise more and get healthy? I know that's how mine will start. If we begin now, then maybe just maybe we can get through December's Christmas parties and cookie making without gaining an ounce, and what a bonus if we actually lose a couple. Will you join me? If you're in, then let's start with baby steps. I will be doing the following:

Baby Step 1, I will close the kitchen at 7:30. That means turn the light off and leave the room and do not allow any food to enter my mouth until breakfast the next morning. Tip a, to help with this I'll try brushing my teeth after dinner, and even better yet, I think I'll pick up a pack of Crest white strips and apply them in the evenings. Tip b, if I really feel like I need something then I'll try a stick of gum or better yet how about a nice hot cup of herbal tea. I like licorice, peppermint and apple spice.
Baby Step 2, I will stop first and consider everything I eat before I put it in my mouth. In other words, I'll think before I eat! 

 If you have a tip for staying healthy during the holiday season, I'd love to hear it.