Monday, November 26, 2012

shop on line TODAY it's Cyber Monday

Turns out that today is the day to shop on line. Back in 2005 the term Cyber Monday was coined and refers to the first Monday after Black Friday when shoppers can enjoy the convenience of web based shopping and still get the 'deals'. It's estimated that 51% of people will be hitting their computers for some serious Christmas shopping. In 2011 the percentage was 41% and in 2010 it was 38%, so you can see the growth.
Well I know that I'll be doing some on line shopping today, but I must confess it's not because it's Cyber Monday ( although I will be sure and check for any great deals before I order) but it's because I'm in Alaska now and the shopping is quite limited. We have a Fred Meyer and a Walmart. Now grant it a person can get just about anything they need at either one of these stores, but really do all my gifts need to come from Walmart?
So get together with Pay Pal and your computer and have a fun shopping day. And don't forget, you can do it all in your PJ's. PS be sure and first google ' Cyber Monday Deals' to check on the sales. Happy Shopping

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