Thursday, December 6, 2012

The CrossFit WOD ( workout of the day)

I try to go to CrossFit 3 days a week, it's so easy to talk myself out of it, especially now that I'm in Alaska and the sub-zero temperatures, ( -10 as I write this) remind me that I'm warm and cozy in the house and the thought of leaving it is not inviting. But yesterday I sucked it up, put on the parka and headed to the Box, (or gym as most fitness places call them, but CrossFit likes to call the gyms Boxes)

Wednesday's WOD was:
50 pull ups
75 sit ups
50 overhead squats
75 double unders ( jump roping)

There is no way that I can do even one pull up, but the great thing about CrossFit is that everything is scaleable for your ability. So instead of doing an actual pull up, I stand on a box and jump up 50 times. This sounds pretty easy, but believe me it's harder then imagined. You can see in this photo some are using the box and others are using a rubber band to assist them and yet others are just doing the regular pull up.

Next was the sit ups and that I can do, but there is a scaled down version of this as well.
The third exercise was the overhead squats

Those who can did it like this, I did the 1st round with the scaled down version using a PVC pipe,
 &  used no weights at all for my 2nd go around.  I know, the squat is a scary thing to think about,
 I mean what about those knees?! Well as I'm told and it has proven to be the case with me, if you
 are instructed to do the squat the correct way with the weight on your heals and knees out etc. then
 you will not have those knee problems. I know that one priority with CrossFit instructors is making
 sure that proper form is being used at all times.

The last exercise was the jump roping. If you can do double unders, (where the rope goes around twice while you jump only once), then you did 75 of those. If not then you did 150 single unders, (regular jump roping), so that's what I did.

Of Course with CrossFit, everything is timed.
 I did this WOD in 27:48 minutes.

I felt really good about going and doing the workout, 
so much so that when
 I got home I rewarded myself with a home made
 full fat chocolate latte!  


  1. Geez, I'm tired just reading about this! Good for you! I have so many bone/muscle issues that I couldn't THINK of jumping or squatting!

  2. I just realized after reading this...I have SOOOOOO far to go!!!! I love that you had the latte...hahahahaha! My workouts lately have been running around a 30000 sq. ft ladies department...I call it the "Bay workout"...I lost 2.2 lbs last week because of it! HAHAHA!!! It's December and I work in is what it is! XO

  3. Great job taking off those 2.2 pounds, and in December too! That takes commitment. XO Sharon