Sunday, January 13, 2013

Have you noticed it too?

You know, those very small and subtle changes that continually take place and you don't really notice them until one day you wake up and the world is different. Well they say that change is good, but what happens when those changes start to cause havoc on our bodies. RED FLAG, it's time to make some adjustments.

The changes I'm speaking about are not world peace, or the political and social climate of the country, however those are definitely worth our attention, but the changes I'm talking about are those that affect us right at home.


Gradually and without realizing it our serving plates have increased in size by 30% since the 1960's. Since our eye plays tricks on us, we seem to think that the plate should be covered. I mean really, who wants to eat on a large plate with a tiny amount of food on it. I'm hungry just thinking about it.  Is it any wonder that we're packing on an extra 20 pounds, ( or more).

feeling full......................................still hungry

 It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out the relationship
 between obesity and serving sizes. We can all do the math.

Take a look at serving sizes then and now.

THEN                                   NOW
330 calories                                     590 calories

140 calories                350 calories

270 calories                   630 calories

500 calories             850calories

45 calories                    330 calories

What Size Do You Want To Be?


  1. You're absolutely right! I didn't realize it about the actual plates, though...and we just go merrily along filling them up no matter what the size - at least I do. I'd feel cheap handing out your sample above, right!

  2. Ya, I know what you mean. I've switched to the smaller 9 inch plate, but the men in my life say 'NO WAY'

  3. Love this post! It's so obvious when you look at it this way. I heard that a kids meal size hambuger is still over the normal serving size!! what a crime! Thanks for the reminder of portion control!

    1. It's nice when you become aware of serving sizes at a young age.
      Love your blog.

  4. One of biggest issues....portion control!!! Robert has been saying for years that we need to use smaller plates! we are working on getting a much better handle on portions sizes. I weigh and measure a lot of my foods now too, so I know exactly what 3 or 4 ounces of chicken looks like, or how much 15 grams of cheese REALLY is! HAHAHA! If I am really hungry...I will fill my plate...with lots of vegies! A big salad (with very minimal dressing) and steamed vegies take up a lot of room with very minimal calories...and I keep the protein to 3 or 4 oz's. Good post Sharon...a great reminder for everyone!

  5. And it helps to make our plates as colorful as possible. When you add vegitables that just naturally happens. Thanks for the comment. You and Robert are great examples.

  6. I have used to smaller plate trick. I must be mindful of my portion sizes as I have to count carbs being diabetic on an insulin pump.

  7. It is scary to see how large portions are these days....and half the world has too little to eat whilst we over eat
    An interesting post this!