Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Well, Barbie has certainly managed to stay fit and trim. On March 9th she officially turns 54. Yes Barbie is a baby boomer too. It doesn't look like she has gained any of that menopausal middle and I just have to wonder how much plastic surgery she's had.
Oh my, and such a full life. Clearly she would have been voted ' most likely to succeed', and maybe best dressed, well I'm thinking she would have come in first on just about every superlative. So glad she wasn't in my senior class... Well moving on...
Barbie, ( really, she should be going by Barbara now) has never been shy, insecure, or lacking in self confidence. Just take a look at her careers.
She has been:
Student Teacher-Cheerleader -McDonald's employee--Fashion Model-Babysitter-Nurse-Dentist-Paleontologist-Air Force Fighter Pilot-World Cup soccer competitor-American Idol contestant-Ballerina-Circus Star-Movie producer-Rock Star-Movie Star-Radio City Music Hall Rockette-Aerobics instructor-Olympic gymnast-Olympic figure skater-Professional figure skater-Tennis Star-WNBA Basketball player-Yoga instructor-Art Teacher-Spanish Language Teacher-Sign Language Teacher-Pediatrician-Veterinarian-United States Army officer-United States Navy officer-Ambassador for World Peace-Firefighter-Police Officer-Cowgirl-Chef-Flight Attendant-Mary Kay Star Consultant
In 1965 Barbie went into space, 18 years before the US selected a female to catch a ride on a space shuttle.
In 1973 Barbie advanced in the medical field from nursing to surgeon. At that time only 10% of medical Doctors were female.
Barbie ran for president in 1992. Hillary ran for president in 2008, 16 years later. Do you suspect that when Hillary played 'Barbie' her doll wore a pant suit, carried a brief case and gave up the pink beach front home for an east coast White House?
 Barbie was a Nascar driver in 98, ten years before Donica Patrick won in 2008.

She also WAS President in 2000. Bases on the above ratio we can expect a women president in our next election, 2016. Who will it be, maybe Hillary, maybe Sarah, or one of the Michele's?
I don't think there is any denying that Barbie has played a role in the shaping of our generation. Like her or not, she has paved the way for many a young girl to dare to imagine that she too could be ...what so ever she wanted to be.
 So this Month, let's all wish Barbie a happy birthday with wishes to continue to allow little girls to dream big.
March will be devoted to Barbie trivia so stay tuned.
Also, if you have been inspired by Barbie, please leave a comment and tell us how.


  1. Oops, sorry Michelle, I deleted your comment by mistake. Thanks for checking in with my blog.

  2. I learned to sew making clothes for my Barbie Dolls. We go way back. Fun post!