Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CrossFitting Baby Boomer

YES, that's me, working out at my kids new CrossFit box located in Prescott Valley AZ. I' m doing a back squat with 65#. The idea is that you squat to just below parallel knees and then stand back up. That ball behind me is to prevent me from squatting that low. You see I lose proper form, I tend to bend forward when I go that low, so until I increase my strength and flexibility so that I don't compromise form I will lower myself until I touch my rear to the ball and then stand back up. It's still challenging but rewarding too.

Here I am on my way back up...

You do a lot more then lift weights at CrossFit, for instance you jump robe, throw balls, jump on boxes, play dodge ball, run, use kettle bells, flip large tires. It's always something different every time. You body and mind love that.

Today we started with a 10 minute stretching warm up which included jumping rope. Our strength segment was the back squats, 5 rounds of 3 squats adding weight each round. Then we did the WOD ( workout of the day).

10 burpees
10 wall balls
10 rounds.

I scaled it for my ability and did 5 rounds of 10 each and then the last 5 rounds I did 5 each. Scaling is one of the aspects of CF that I like best. It allows everyone to be able to do the same work out at the same time and each challenge themselves. So my 30 year old son and I can work out together I'm lifting 45# and he is lifting 200#.

Anyone CrossFitting if so I'd love to hear from you?
If not then I hope you'll give it a try, your body will thank you.

Wall balls



  1. Hi Sharon!
    Way to go! We have a CrossFit near us, but I go to the club at my community clubhouse. I do have my own trainer twice a week. She has brought me back from zero many times, since I have a propensity for landing in the hospital. Right now I'm focusing on balance and strength because I'm going paddle boarding for the second and hopefully many times in Hawaii in March. She had me standing on the black, flat side of a bosu ball Thursday while she tossed me an eight pound medicine ball from different directions. I had to catch, squat, and toss it back to her (maybe 15 feet away). My balance has improved so much that I didn't step off the bosu ball once in 3 sets of 10 catches and tosses. I can't wait to try that board again on Waikiki! Keep up the good fight!

  2. Oh wow impressive! I've worked with the bosu ball just a couple times and it's challenging. Not too confident that I'd be able to catch and throw but you've inspired me to give it a try. How wonderful to have a trip to Hawaii to look forward too. Be sure and have some photos taken, I'd love to see you paddle boarding.
    ( something else I've never tried).
    Best, Sharon