Saturday, January 4, 2014

MAXINE, You Gotta Love Her

MAXINE was created by John Wagner for Hallmark Cards. She was inspired by John's very own mother, grandmother and maidan aunt. Not sure what that says about those three. Well maybe it says this trio were opinionated and vocal. 

"Cartoonists are sensitive to the insanities of the world; we just try to humanize them," John says. "If Maxine can get a laugh out of someone who feels lonely or someone who is getting older and hates the thought of another birthday, or if she can make someone chuckle about stressful interpersonal relationships, then I'm happy. Putting a smile on someone's face is what it's all about."
Hope this puts a smile on your face this Monday morning.

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  1. Funny! Laughter is good medicine! Glad to find your blog! I was happy to find you, when you left a thoughtful comment on my blog. Thank you!