Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Oh Wow, 2014 has arrived. Have you taken a moment to think about the best thing that happened in your live in 2013?  Our family each had the opportunity to share their moments today.  It was a lot of fun. Some thoughts were: moving back to Prescott Az from Alaska,  being offered a teaching job after graduation and being able to spend time with our grandson. How about you, I'd love to hear about your happiest moments.

Tradition in the Smith home is to make a collage on January 1 of your hopes and resolutions for the new year. We gather everyone together, along with a stack of magazines and scissors and glue. After about 2 hours we have the finished product.


Now we hang our collages on a wall where we can see them all year to remind us of our goals. This always turns out to be a fun family activity and a good way to begin the new year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow bloggers.


  1. great idea! glad you're back, have missed your posts. the best moment in 2013 for me was when the mare who stays at our CO ranch during the summer months gave birth to a beautiful filly in the spring. it was her fourth pregnancy and first live birth! they named her Hope. i think i will do the collage idea too. thanks

  2. Thanks for the comment, it's good to be back. What a great example for the best of 2013. I hope you were there for the birth too. Have fun with the collage.