Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashionable Baby Boomers

Today I'm featuring some really good photos showing Baby Boomers wearing leggings. 

Here are just a couple 'rules' to follow to stay fashionable.

1. Your top MUST cover your girls and booty.
2. Try a fun dress, add a belt, jacket or scarf to change the look.
3. A long warm comfy sweater would look great too.
4. This look works good with ankle boots, knee boots or ballerina flats.

Do you have a favorite leggings look?


  1. These women look quite fashionable, personally I've not worn leggings.

    1. It took me awhile to try them but once I did I was hooked. Thanks for visiting.

  2. In the winter I like to wear leggings with a nice worm and long sweater, and mid-leg boots. It makes me feel comfortable and forget that it's cold outside.

  3. I think the reason I like this look is because it's so. Comfortable.