Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yummy Protein Bars

Finally I have a reason to try home made protein bars.

My boys, ok one is my son and one is my son-in-law and actually they're grown men now, but whatever.... anyway my boys were planning a hiking trip up our local mountain for Saturday.  This would be a several hour trip and I wanted to send them with some good snacks for the trip. I love the idea of the protein bar, but I have a really hard time purchasing them. More times then not the ingredient list will have something in it that I'm not happy with. So I finally had a reason to do it myself. After a google search and a few adjustments here is what I did.

The ingredient list and recipe:

*1 cup mixed nuts and seeds, whatever you have on hand. I used half sunflower seeds and half slivered almonds
*1/4 cup shredded coconut, I used unsweetened
*1/4 cup coconut oil
*1/4 cup almond butter
*1/4 cup almond meal
*11/2 t vanilla extract
*3/4 cup protein powder
*1 egg
*1/2 t sea salt
*1/2 cup raisins
*1/4 cup coconut , to sprinkle on top


1) Roast seeds and coconut until golden brown then
2) Place in food processor and pulse until they turn into a consistency of bread crumbs
3) Melt coconut oil and almond butter together ( microwave 30 sec works good)
4) Add vanilla and sea salt, mix well
5) Fold in nuts mixture, almond meal and protein powder- mix thoroughly
6) Add egg, mix well
7) Fold in raisins
8) Press in an 8x8 pan
9) Bake 325 degrees for 10 minutes
10) Sprinkle the coconut on top and broil until it begins to brown
Cool and slice.

No added sugars or preservatives!


Now they have ENERGY111


  1. I love to eat protein bars and this sounds like a good recipe. Thanks.

  2. I'm printing off these recipes as I type a comment. Thank you, Sharon! I think that I would love that hike!

  3. Ewwww, can't wait to try these. Thanks for sharing.

  4. They looked much better than the stuff you can buy. I will definitely try! Thanks for the recipe ;)

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I was so excited to stumble upon your blog! My sister Susan and I write a blog similar to your's called Active Living Zoomers. It really is great to see Baby Boomers embracing social media and sharing a love of life through the blogosphere. We have much to offer! Following you on Bloglovin. Great writing and we look forward to future posts. Denise

  6. hey there, put a link on my site today, made these yesterday and they are very-very yummie! thanks for the recipe. M