Monday, March 17, 2014

Better then most.

 Are you still doing this, blowing on your nail to dry them? Well this is one step that is no longer necessary with the new gel polishes on the market. I've found a new polish that is making the home manicure worth our while.

Better then most might not seem like too great of a consumer rating, but when it comes to the home manicure L'Oreal Paris' Extraordinaire Gel-Lacquer although not perfect is. . . 'better then most'. I've spent many an evening painting my nails just to wake up in the morning with ripples and by 5pm the polish on my index finger has chipped. In most cases I can't even get a good 24 hour wear. Can you relate to this? It can be discouraging. 

I've tried the professional route too. Once I even had acrylic nails for one whole year. Didn't care for those. Occasionally I'd have a professional manicure that would last for a few days but that's all. Finally a few years back gel polish hit the market and that has been a huge improvement. My main drawback with the professional gel polish is it's so darn hard to take off. The instructions is to put polish remover on cotton then wrap the cotton around your nail and secure with foil strips. After 10 or so minutes take it off and now scrape the rest of the polish off. Way too much work. 

So this is where Extraordinaire Gel- Lacquer comes in. This is a 3 step process. Step 1 apply the base coat, step 2 apply your chosen color and step 3 apply the glaze. That's it. No waiting 20 minutes between coats to dry it's just 1, 2, 3. No delays. When you finish with the last coat your nails are dry and you can go back to what ever you need to do. 

Does this polish last 3 weeks? No. Will this polish last 3 days or longer with minimum care? Yes. Is this polish easy to remove? Yes, simply apply remover to a cotton swap and wipe off.

So all in all I'm pleased. At least now I can paint my nails Friday evening and known that for Sunday brunch they will still be looking good.

So here you have it, my new favorite thing. Hope you'll give it a try. It's amazing how painted nails can lift the spirit. 

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