Tuesday, May 20, 2014

50% off of eVeRyThInG!?/!?/

Sounds too good to be true but I hear that most everything in a grocery store can be purchased for a  minimum of 50% less if you just start looking and planning.  I have to ask myself, "how disciplined will I be?" Will I put in the time and effort to track and clip coupons, wait until the item is on sale and not settle for a 30% discount? Will I give up brand preference? Will I be motivated to buy in enough quantity to last until the next sale cycle? I'm thinking I'd like to give it a good honest effort so I'm answering YES.  Coupon clipping here I come.

First out the gate I see that Safeway is offering 50% off of select wines. 
Excited to see how easy this is!!!

I bet they've offered this before but my eyes were never opened to it. Now BV Coastal Estates and Robert Mondavi are family favorite and on the 'select' list! If you buy 6 bottles you get another 10% off. Now this wine is 60% less then I usually pay for it. Generally we don't stock up on wine, (or much of anything) but that was the old shopper, today this shopper is bringing home multiples.

Bonus!  This is not hard at all! As I'm loading my 6 bottles into the handy 6 pack container that Safeway provides, (apparently there are lots of folks that buy their wine in 6 packs and why have I not noticed this before???,  I see a coupon attached to one of the bottles, $10.00 off  any meat purchase over $10.01 when you buy 3 bottles.  I find a couple nice looking steaks in the meat department for $12.00 so I actually pay $1.99 for them. I mean how easy is this. Dinner that night, juicy and tender barbecued steaks, steamed broccoli ( also a great deal) and wine. How's that for a budget meal?

There are probably many super couponers that would not settle for just 50% savings and maybe you're one of them. You're not pleased unless you are getting 75-100% off. I APPLAUD you. Great work and inspirational too, but for me as a newbie, I'm thrilled with the 50% mark and happy and having fun too. Thanks to websites like 'bargainbeliever.com', they make the search a lot easier by matching up coupons with the local weekly ads. Without this help I don't think I'd be in the game.

How about you, has the coupon bug made it to your home? If so I'd love to hear about your exciting savings.

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