Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Balancing Act

Yes life is a balancing act. We've been doing it for years. You know finding that balance between your work/career and your family, balancing your families financial needs to their financial wants, how about finding the balance between eating one cookie or the whole batch, and my latest balancing act is finding the balance of mothering now that I'm grandma and not mom.

But the balance I want to talk about today is 'BALANCE'. The ability for your body to sense where you are in space and keep you from falling over. It was so easy when we were young. Remember how thoughtlessly we played on a log, walked on the curb, road a bike or skateboard. Our bodies were constantly making adjustments to keep us on our feet. Well no surprise to anyone here but as we age our bodies' ability to adjust weakens. This is not ideal, wobbling, stumbling or falling are just not good for us babyboomers. So what can we do to prevent this? Read on for a simple do at home skill that will help you stay erect and it will give you your balance age too.

Find a partner to assist. Take your shoes off and stand up. Raise you left foot ( if you're right-handed or your right foot if you're left-handed) 6 inches from the ground and bend it to a 45° angle. Now close your eyes and have your partner time how long you can stand on one foot. The clock stops when you start to sway or lose balance, bend over to compensate, open your eyes or place your foot on the ground. Do this 3 times and take the average.

So what is your balance age.
Balance Time Balanced Base Real Age
4 seconds 70 years
5 seconds 65 years
7 seconds 60 years
8 seconds 55 years
9 seconds 50 years
12 seconds 45 years
16 seconds 40 years
22 seconds 30-35 years
28 seconds 25-30 years

I must confess, this was not my first attempt, it was more like try number 4.
 Get your family together and enjoy this challenge. Bet it will make you laugh.
If you try it leave a comment, I'd love to hear how you did.
To your health,


  1. Oh my! You can't even sway? My husband can't do this even with his eyes open! Yikes! We're old!

  2. I bet you had a good laugh trying though, I know we did.