Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Livin in the Bubble...

Are you wondering why I've posted a photo of my younger self? I know it's a bit odd but stay with me. Recently we took a trip to Memphis Tennessee. While there we visited the Civil Rights Museum which is now located in, the very spot that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. He was shot April 4th 1968.

This photo was taken just about that same time, probably May 68 as I was going to an end of the year prom.

I have to wonder if the youth of today are as removed from the realities of current affairs as I was.  Sure, I knew who Martin Luther King Jr. was, I knew he was assassinated, I knew what the Civil Rights Movement was about, but none of it actually effected me. After all I lived in suburbia in Washington State, a long ways from the South.  I was 17 going to an all white high school, drove a 55 Chevy, worked at a movie theatre and had a boyfriend. I mean how much more does a 17 year old need. I was busy with my own life.

Visiting the  museum helped to open up that part of history to me again and allow me to re-live it, to go back to 1968 and try walking in someone else's shoes.

One of the few places that would allow blacks .
Replicas of the cars they drove to the motel.
He was shot on the balcony just outside the door to his room (306).

This is the actual room where James Earl Ray fired the deadly shot. The desk that you see on the left was in front of the window when he rented the room. When police found the room the desk had been moved away from the window giving a clear view to room 306.
If you make it to Memphis I hope you'll spend a few minutes re-visiting our history.


  1. O, my goodness...I remember it all so well....I'm older than you but I was the same way about other things that happened in the '50's....as you said, I was busy living my teenage life and those things seemed a million miles away. All I worried about was who was going to take me to the movies, what was I gonna wear and....would I let him kiss me goodnight. lol
    Oh, and I drove a blue and white '55 chevie and wish to heck I still had it.:)

    1. Ya, we made an effort to keep the car in the family for several years then finally we all ran out of storage space so the car had to go.
      Thanks for visiting

  2. Interesting - I just read a news article this week about WWII vets worried that when they pass, everyone will forget! Time flies, life happens, the world moves on. Good for you for taking the time to learn more about history and sharing it with us. I think it's important!

  3. I've heard that same thing. It's important to remember how we got here and at what cost. Thanks for stopping by.