Tuesday, January 20, 2015

250 Miles


That's the number of miles I've walked
 since I clipped on my fitbit pedometer in 
November and started walking

Ten thousand steps a day is encouraged and most days I give it a good effort.  Over Thanksgiving we were out of town staying at a hotel but I didn't miss a step, got up early and walked then later after the yummy meal I walked again. In fact I was super faithful even through Christmas. The weather was cold but the mall's hours were extended so I had plenty of opportunity to walk the mall. 

You do that a few times and you recognize the regulars. They're easy to spot, comfortable shoes, no bags and usually wearing some sort of loose fitting clothing.  One baby boomer even jogs down the cooridor. 

According to Prevention Magazine, mall walkers improve muscle tone, burn calories and fat, improve posture, strengthens bones, aides in a healthier heart, happier mindset and disposition and a lot of fun and friends. check it out here

Many malls actually offer an organized mall walking program and may even open their doors earlier for them. Check with your mall, if they don't offer a program, perhaps they would be willing to. But with or without one, the mall can be a very effective way to get a little exercise during these cold winter months.

I love my fitbit pedometer, not only does it record my steps, it tells me how many miles I walked that day and how many calories I burned. Oh, and it gives me the time too. Your personal fitbit links up to your account at fitbit.com. You can put in any other activities that you may have done, track your food, track your weight and just a ton of other stuff.

You can find fitbits most everywhere. I got mine on line for about $60.00. I've seen them at Kohls, Dicks and I think Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond. There are many styles to choose from I didn't want a wrist band, so this small clip works for me.

If you want to get some exercise during winters shortened days and colder weather just head to the mall. Your body will thank you.

To you health,


  1. Hi Sharon...I'm still walking 5 days a week...as well as weight training 2X/week and High Intensity W/O 2X/week. I had a little "bump in the road" with my health & fitness routine...but I'm back on track again...YAY! I started a new blog...check it out: www.healthinmyfifties.blogspot.ca I miss you and am looking forward to catching up on all your postings...going to read through them all over the next few days! <3

  2. Maxine is my favorite, so funny! I have heard a lot about the Fitbit and I really want to get one to keep track of my walking. It also links into My Fitness Pal website, which is where my friend keeps track of everything such as diet and exercise.

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