Sunday, February 22, 2015

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Sights

Hiking is a wonderful outside activity that helps to keep us fit and healthy. Now, when you combine that with friends and family it just makes for a great day and you actually forget that you're getting some exercise. 

So today we headed up the road to majestic Sedona Arizona.

Sedona's scenic red rock county is filled with fabulous rock formations. Formations with names like, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Coffee Pot Rock and Submarine Rock. Today we visited Devil's Bridge. It is a natural rock bridge and Sedona's largest natural stone arch. This makes it a very popular hiking destination so when we arrived this Sunday afternoon the only available parking was in the overflow lot. We didn't mind, it just extended the typical 2 mile hike into 4 miles. Actually all the better. 

Devil's Bridge is the largest natural stone arch in the Red Rocks. The typical 2 mile round trip is fairly easy with the exception of a 400 ft climb and some pretty steep natural stepping stone or should I say stone stairway just as you approach the bridge. 

The kids  found some rocks to play on.

My phone has a Health App that records my steps, distance and climb. After today's hike I clicked on it and discovered that I took 11,481 steps, walked 5.59 miles and climbed 31 floors, not too bad!


If you're interested, here is a YouTube of an unknown source's recent visit to Devil's Bridge.

There is so much natural beauty everywhere we turn.
I hope that you've had the opportunity to get outside and
enjoy the beauty in your neck of the woods.

To your health,


  1. Gorgeous place for a hike. Would love to know the name of your app.

    1. The app is called simply HEALTH. Haven't spent the time to see everything it does, but looks pretty cool.

  2. This just confirms that we need to come to Arizona for a visit!! I want to go hiking with you all!! :) So beautiful there. The weather here is not really conducive to outdoor stuff much at this time of year...but soon! I'll have to get one of the boys to show me the hiking trails...I know there are some around here. Thanks Sharon. XO

  3. I love that about hiking and many other fun outdoor activities....they're exercise without feeling like "exercise" just feels like fun! :-) I've hiked to Devil's Bridge before...a few years ago. And, I was just in Sedona again last September. Such a beautiful area!

  4. Cool that you've visited Devil's Bridge. There are just endless beauty in Sedona.
    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Beautiful landscape! I love hiking and in a scenery like that it's even better ;)