Monday, March 9, 2015

by golly... I Am Capable!

My son asks, "So mom, what are you hoping to gain from CrossFit?" He asked me this 3 weeks ago and my answer was the same one I'd given before. " I CrossFit so that I can stay mobile, flexible, balanced and strengthen my bones and muscles. " After all, I'm in my 60's so I seem to feel like I deserve some pats on the back just because I CrossFit 3 days a week. I mean that's probably more than
most 60+ do. Right?

Well that was 3 weeks ago before CF began the 'OPEN'. If you are familiar with the sport you may know about the CF games or seen them on TV. The CrossFit games are held in July and for 3+ days the top athletes compete and the 'Fittest on Earth' is crowned. In order to compete at this level the athletes first participate in the OPEN then the top spots in each area compete in the REGIONALS and then those top performers are invited to compete in the CrossFit GAMES.
Check out the highlights here:

Clearly I'm not going for that title, so why am I excited about the OPEN you ask? Well this year they have included a scaled division so that the world wide community can compete with like athletes. There are 270,000 athletes who signed up for the OPEN, me included. My category falls into the 60+ scaled women division.

Each Thursday for 5 weeks CrossFit announces the WOD ( workout of the day) that each participant must compete and record their scores by the following Monday afternoon. The beauty of CF is that it's a program that is inclusive. It's for everyone because it can be scaled to your level and you can be working out next to your 30 year old son, doing essentially the same workout, mine just has a few adjustment.

The first week the WOD was
15 toes to bar
10 dead lift 75 pounds for the women
5 snatches 75 pounds for the women
ASRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 9 minutes

My division ( scaled masters women 60+)
15 sit ups ( I can not even get close to doing toes to bar)
10 dead lifts  at 45 pounds
5 snatches  ( can be cleaned and then pressed) at 45 pounds
AMRAP ( as many rounds as possible)

Toes to Bar
scaled version - sit ups

Here's a little demo

In my division 60+ Women scaled there are 304 athletes signed up and after week one I was in position 248. I did a total of 128 reps and the number one spot goes to a gal named Dianne and she did 225 reps. That's 97 more then I did. All I can say is WOW.

This Thursday week 3's announcement will be made so the OPEN is underway. What I've discovered so far is that there are many many 60+ women CrossFitting and these ladies are awesome.

Now back to the question about what I hope to gain from CrossFit. Yes, I do want to be flexible, mobile and balanced, but I also now want to see some additional strength and stamina. Looking at the reader board I've seen women 5 years my senior and they are kicking my butt. So that tells me that
  I am capable of more and yes I want more now. I want to take it more seriously and really focus on form and technique as those two elements will help me to move on to the next level and to do so without injury. Proper form is one of the key elements to prevent injury and as we get older that is something I'm always keeping in my thoughts.

How about you? Any Baby Boomers CrossFitting in Blog World? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

To your health, Sharon


  1. Rock on sister! I'm still in my fifties. I run and do yoga, but have friends that are into CrossFit.

    1. Hi Laurie, great to hear that you exercise. All types is so good. I'm starting up with Pilates too so that should make my tummy good and sore. As they say, use it or lose it.
      Best, Sharon

  2. are such an inspiration to me and always have been...on EVERY level! I have not tried cross fit...but I am definitely doing more exercise and physical activity than EVER before in my adult life...and I am really enjoying it! I wish I could work out with you! :) XOXO

  3. Ya Michelle, It would be so great if we lived closer I'd love your fellowship and a shopping, exercise buddy would be the best!. Miss you!