Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm not going to lift weight….

"I'm not going to lift weights, I'm not going to do guy exercising, just let me do Pilates or Yoga". Those where the words that came out of my mouth when I first began this exercise regimen. 
( and by the  way  I do love Pilates and Yoga, in fact I do them twice a week)

But what I discovered along the way it that I don’t have to do as the guys do. You know their goal is to lift as much weight as possible and beat out there competitor. My goal is to lift enough so that I’m strengthening my bones and muscles and thus increasing my mobility. In this video I’m snatching 35 pounds. That’s not a lot however it is the weight of my grandson so I should be able to pick him up whenever I want without an injury.

There is no denying it, as we age our bones become brittle which leads to pour posture, discomfort and broken bones. It’s a fact that women typically lose 30-50% of their bone density over a lifetime. But don’t despair there are things we can do now to keep osteoporosis at bay, it’s never too late to begin and it is so worth it!

Even if you’ve had knee, hip or shoulder replacement or surgery I’m betting that your doctor has suggested some form of strength building exercises that are appropriate for you. I mean isn’t that what physical therapy is all about. Giving your body an opportunity to rebuild itself. That’s the wonderful thing about our bodies, they really are resilient.

Regular exercising improves, bones, muscles, coordination, stability and balance, just to name a few.  It just plain leads to better overall health including an improvement in mental health too.

So what are you waiting for? Your body is not going to improve without your efforts.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what kinds of bone strengthening exercises you enjoy.

To your health,



  1. Hey Sharon! It's good to read your blog again! I lift weights twice a week with a trainer who specializes in working with older clients recovering from injuries, hospitalizations, and osteoporosis. I actually was diagnosed with osteoporosis well before 65. I insisted on a bone scan because osteoporosis is on both sides of my family. I already had it at 55. Well, I started working with a trainer right away. My bones have improved in all the areas tested, and in some areas I'm not even osteopenic anymore! I really believe in strength training. Thanks for sharing information in your post!

  2. What a great testimony and fabulous proof that this type of exercising works. Good for you for being pro-active. One amazing thing is that you have seen such great improvement and only training 2 days a week. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for this post Sharon...I needed it!! I've been having back issues and am having to really work at having my motivation strong for my workouts. This is a great reminder of the reason I am working at being a healthier me! XOXO